WAE CW 2023 results

This year Peter John DL7YS, WAEDC contest manager, pubblished rushly the WAE CW 2023 results in the DARC web site. I’m happy because I succeeded to comfirm the ninth place in my cattegory reacing the objective to to get the top ten area.

I show you the top ten of Single Operator Europe Low Power

Practically the Raw Scores, published on my previous post, has been confirmed. A big disapoint for me is the still high percentage of error, 9,3%, owing error in QTCs receving. Even if is improved by last year, i have better to refine this step.

Last year i used my special contest call IR3L that take me advantage and get able to score seventh. This year the propagation conditions has been better than last year, but despite that, i scored almost the same points. So, I’m going to require the special contest call IR3L for the next year, 2024, too.

The WAE CW is my favourite contest, because require a high commitment and a good strategy, as we have to contact non european stations only. Also the qso’s exchanges are particulars, other than the RST and the serial number, european stations have to receive fron non eropena stations, special messages, called qtc, containg the datas of previous qso with europen stations. Receiving this traffic is very challenging.

The station tecnical set up must be perfect, in particulary we have to take care the antennas system, speccially on the cattegories with low power, together with a depth knowledge of ionosferical propagation for long distance qso.

I’m waiting impatiently the second weekend of august 2024 to participate the WAE CW and i hope to listen to other italian stations competing with me in the low power category. I hope improve the performance of the WAE CW 2023 results

Next year the ionospheric propagation will be near the peak of maximum Sunspots, so signals ever stronger even from antipodes.

Now i propose you a link to my article written just after the contest with comments and statistics.

If you have some inquiries, please use the form at the end of this post. They will be welcome.

To all my readers, 73 de Fiorino/i3fdz/ir3l

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