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Fiorino De Lazzari. I was born in 1949 in Paese a small village in the northeast of Italy about 30 miles northward Venice and close to the city of Treviso (TV). In 1969 i became Radio Officer in the italian merchant ships, sailing around the world for about 14 years. Since 1971 I got the radioamateur license with call I3FDZ. After I got married to Elisa i changed job going into business for 30 more years. I developed my radioamateur activity especially in CW mode and contests. I employ my free time also keeping courses to get the radioamateur licenses at the A.R.I. Section in Treviso. My passion for writing leads me to become a collaborator in italian telecommunications magazine “Radiokit electronic” with articles in various aspects of the field. I wrote and I keep updating a manual, in italian language, to study the Harec program to get the italian radioamateur license. With my books and this website I try to pass on my knowledge and passion to people who are open to the exciting world of amateur radio. Fiorino I3FDZ, also IR3L and KI4VTR