WAECW 2023 raw scores

Peter John DL7YS, WAEDC manager, just published yesterday, for the DARC the WAECW 2023 raw scores.

Here, in the the next table, is the first twenty positions of the Single operator Low Power category regarding european station.

Following this link you will reach the whole european stations raw scores.

Instead following this link you will reach the whole Dx stations raw scores.

All my efforts has been pay up because my call sign show in the ninth position of the WAECW 2023 raw scores. together with the most big european CW operators. This was my target and I’m happy to get the objective in this very hard contest.

Now we have to wait for the cross ckeck all the log by the committee and the issue of the final official classifications. Usually they will publish the final results in december just before Cristmas. If I’ll remain in the top ten area, this will be my Cristmas gift.

I received a big help by the QARTest contest logger, especially the functionality to receive QTC that enabled me to receive more than 1300 QTC quite easy. Another functionality that i used very often is the C.A.T., such system, together with the Cluster and the Reverse Beacon, enable the modality Serch and Pounch very usefull for single operators and low power stations to get a lot of QSO and Multiplier fast. All these facilities are activable inside the QARTest software. A brief exposition about the use of QARTest is in a my previous article reaching at this link.

After the publication of final results by the committee, if they make all logs pubblic, I’ll arrange a link to alow everyone to reach my log. In the mean time I have already upload my log on Club log, QRZ and LoTW.

For any possible comments or requirements please use the form at the end of this article.

Best regards to all readers and I hope to meet soon, 73 de Fiorino/i3fdz

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