TX5S Clipperton 2024

The first 2024 qso with my home call I3FDZ, has been performed with TX5S Clipperton 2024. It happened in the morning of january 22. At 09:15 UTC I turned on the radio on the 14.023 kHz, where TX5S was reported. The CW signal from Clipperton Island arrived quite strong, 579 589 from the short path, direction 300°, instead the signal from long path arrives quite low with fading. I tuned my radio on 14.026, and 500 Watt, 3 kHz up but I didn’t get answer, then on 5 kHz up the same, so i tuned 7 kHz up on 14.030 kHz and I got the qso just after three calls at 09:43 UTC.

The Club Log shoot

There was a lot of europen station calling them. The CW operator was watching on the band until 15 kHz up his frequency. The propagation was really good because the signals noise from european stations isofrequency TX5S didn’t interfer me and the Clipperton signal has been always copied good despite noises and the distance of about 12.000 km.

Clipperton is a remote and uninhabited Pacific island, It is a coral atoll located about 2.900 km west of Panama. It is an french overseas possession. The intenational Dx Expedition, include an italian radioamateur too, Francesco IK0FVC. They left from California and will remain there for about 15 days. More informations about TX5S Clipperton 2024 on their web site to yhis link.

The expedition operators are using all operating modes, CW, SSB; RTTY, and FT8, on almost all amateur bands. The expertise and skill of all operators are excellent grants a good quality of operations. So i wish you to contact as many bands and mode as possible with TX5S Clipperto 2024.

If you need more informations about me or other, please write me using the form at the end of this article or via email that you can found on digiting my call on the window Enter Query.

Many regards to all readers de Fiorino/I3FDZ

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