Italian Prefixes ARI Dx

A little bit more than one month to ARI International Dx Contest 2024 that will take place saturday 4 and sunday 5 may 2024, it starts saturday at 12:00 UTC and end sunday at 11:59 UTC. To facilitate foreing radioamateur in checking the correct exchange received, I prepared a tables with the list, in alphabetic order, of all italian prefixes for each provinces Italian Prefixes ARI Dx. In the first collumn there is the province abbreviation, in the secon the province name, on the third the standard prefixes, in the fourth the special prefixes and in fifth the Minor Ittalian Islands prefixes.

The first part of the list follows

And then the last two parts.

Italian Prefixes ARI Dx. A total of 107 provinces that are a moltiplier on each band and each mode, furthrmore qso with italian stations count ten points. Expecially for minor Islands prefixes I consulted the web site of the IIA Italian Islands Award on the Ari web site and Busto Arsizio web site for the map and update rules, what a pity, both are in italian languege only.

I remember you that the prefix IY is for stations operating from sites where Guglielmo Marconi performed historical radio experiments, from almost all italian provinces.

And the last I put the link to download, from the ARI web site, the whole rules in .pdf format.

Enjoy the ARI Dx Contest. Italian stations are waiting you. If you hear my call I3FDZ please reply to me, I’ll appreciated very much.

More informations about ARI Dx International 2024 will pubblished soon. But if you need more informations now, please write me using the form at the end of this article or via email that you can found on digiting my call on the window Enter Query.

Regards and many 73 de Fiorino/i3fdz

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