CQWW CW 2022 comments

This year i performed the CQWW CW 2022 on the 15 metres band only. The ionospheric propagation promises good, as a matter in just 13 hours of operations i got 500 QSOs with all continents. I participated in the Single Operator Single Band Assisted category.

I used my analogic station with Kenwood TS850S, the Heatkit SB220 PA with maximun output 500W and the antenna two elements cubical quad for 20/15/10 metres bands 15 metres high. The Reverse Beacon connection got me both Cluster and Skimmer spots. and the CAT system enabled me to tune on the interesing spots frequency.

The contest log QARTest by Paolo ik3qar get me a quite and effortlessly job. At the end these are the results and statistics by the contest logger.

Thanks for read, the next post with raw scores

I see you again Fiorino/I3FDZ/IR3L

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