ARI Dx Contest 2023

Ten days to ARI Dx Contest. A lot of italian stations, more than 500 on 2020 and about 300 last year, on all modes, CW SSB and RTTY, on all bands 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres, will be actives during the contest, are waiting you. There are categories for low and high power and for single and multi operators.

As in the last post, i link you to the italian provinces list with their abbreviations and prefixes and the contest rules page and .pdf file.

Even the ARI Dx Contest, is a world wide type, italian stations give you a multiplier for each province on each band and ten points per qso on each band.

I’ll participate in the single operator low power CW category. My set up is Kenwood TS 850S a little beet less than 100 W on all bands. Two elements qubical quad for 20, 15 and 10 metres about 15 metres high and an inverted V multidipole for 80 and 40 metres with the fed point at 15 metres. So please, if you read my cqing, even it’s not so strong, replay to me, the qso with you will be appreciated very much. I’ll use my home call I3FDZ, my exchange will be 599 TV.

I’ll use the contest logger QARTest, this software prodoucted and updated by Paolo ik3qar, is quite usefull for ARI Dx Contest, speccially for foreing stations, because when you type any italian call on the call window and press space bar, its abbreviation will appear automatically on the exchange window.

This link to QARTest, and this one, from my web site, brief instructions to use it. This software now is translate into english too.

Pse save the date and join to the ARI Dx Contest.

Tks for read. I hope to meet you in the contes, 73 de i3fdz op FioRino

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