ARI Dx Awards 2023

During the CTU (Contest University) Italy that tooke place, together with the radioamateur flea market, in Montichiari (BS) the 9th of march 2024, were delivered the ARI Dx Awards 2023. The next cerimony photo shown the italial Contest manager Filippo Vairo/IZ1LBG, on the left, who gives me the plate. The photo has taken by Italo Crivellotto/IK3UMZ.

The ARI Dx 2023 has been a special contest for me because as well as winning it I got the record of cattegorie Single Operator CW LP. This year I’ll try to win again and get a new record too, but it will be quite hard becouse there are a lot of operators competitive.

This is the sixth times i Win the contest. The first one in 1986 then 1992, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2023. I have to say that in 1986 and 1992 there was no separation between HP and LP.

The tables with the italian records and the Dx records will follow.

And now the breakdown of italian winners, the Dx one has not been makes.

Now I publish a few links to download results and rules in .pdf format.

Italian stations 2023 results

Dx stations 2023 results

2024 rules

Remember the ARI International Dx Contest 2024 dates. It starts at 12:00 UTC saturday 4 may, and finish at 11:59 UTC sunday 5 may 2024. Save the date. The italian Radioamateur are waiting you. If you hear my call I3FDZ please call me it will be appreciated vary much.

More informations about ARI Dx International 2024 will pubblished soon. But if you need more informations now, please write me using the form at the end of this article or via email that you can found on digiting my call on the window Enter Query.

Best 73 and I see you soon de Fiorino/I3FDZ

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