ARI-DX 2024 declared score

ARI-DX 2024 declared score has been published on the page dedicate to ARI International Dx Contest of the the ARI web site. My call sign I3FDZ is listed first on the category Single Operator Low Power CW. I didn’ expect this position owing a difficults during the contest time, but probably also ather stations found same problems like me during the contest. See my previous post.

This is the direct link to down load the .pdf life of the whole ARI-DX 2024 declared score. Instead this one link is the page on ARI web site from where you can down load the same file.

Now i post the top ten list of the ARI-DX 2024 declared score, Dx stations, of each category, derived from the file published by Filippo Vairo, IZ1LBG ARI HF Contest Manager.

Multi operators multi transmitters

Multi operators single transmitter

Single operator CW High power

Single operator CW Low Power

Single operator Mixed High Power

Single operator Mixed Low Power

Single operator RTTY High Power

Single operator RTTY Low Power

Single operator SSB High Power

Single operator SSB Low Power


Well, I hope someone appreciate thes tables with the declared score The final results, i think, will be published by Filippo Vairo, IZ1LBG ARI HF Contest Manager around september 2024, or before.

More informations about ARI Dx International 2024 will pubblished soon. But if you need more informations now, please write me using the form at the end of this article or via email that you can found on digiting my call on the window Enter Query.

Many regards de Fiorino/i3fdz


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