ARI Dx 2023 results

The ARI Dx 2023 results have now been published by Filippo Vairo, IZ1LBG ARI HF Contest Manager on the ARI web site. This year the number of Dx stations increased more than hundred for a total of 1195 foreing partecipants. Our contest is appreciated and increaslingly year by year

This is the link to download the whole Dx stations results. Instead this is the link for the italian stations results.

For the sixth time i won this contest. I’m very satisfaction indeed because i got the category record too, It is like a double victory. I partecipated in the Single Operator CW LP category. I expected this result as I was already first in the raw score list but I never thought to the cattegory record.

The next tables are from the ARI web site at the link cited before in ARI Dx 2023 results

First the top ten italian stations Single Operator CW LP and then the italian breakdown of winners in all categories.

This is the list of my victories in this contest with the year and category:

1986 S. O. CW

1992 S. O. CW

2017 S. O. CW LP

2018 S. O. CW LP

2019 S. O. CW LP

2023 S. O. CW LP with category record

In the years 1986 and 1992 there wasn’t the separation between LP and LP.

And now the top ten of Dx stations in all categories.

Other than the general classifics, the results will follows by country.

The next edition of ARI International Dx Contest will take place the next year the 4th and 5th of may 2024 please save the date and join our contest.

Tks for reading. Many regards de Fiorino/i3fdz

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