ARI Dx 2023 comments

The ARI Dx 2023 has gone. Good propagation despite less than expected. Five days from the contest end to send the cabrillo file to the committee through the banner in right side up of the ARI home page web site. At this moment 1338 logs have already arrived to the commiitee, more than last year at three days to to the expiry date.

This post of ARI Dx 2023 comments, start with the time graph diagram

It has been a very nice contest indeed. Good propagation and a lot of Dx stations. High bands was open whole day in all directions with quite good signals. Pity for the absence of Usa stations engaged in a local contest. Just about 30 USA station in CW mode.

And now the table with statistics of my log from the contest logger QARTest

As you see in the “Qso per Continent” most of my qso, the 83,6%, has been performed with european stations. This because my low power category, maximum 100 W, penalized me specially on low bands, 40 and 80 metres, even if my multidipole type ineverted V for that bands is tuned on cw portion with ROS near to 1:1. Instead my two elements cubical quad for 20, 15 and 10 meters bands performed better even with low power.

The bands were open during the whole contest time in any directions, this allowed me a sharp look out for multipliers with the aid of the RBN system and the CAT I succeed to get 224 multipliers on all bands. A record for me. A record for me the number of qso too, 1029, so I scored 305.536 points.

The next tables show the multipliers per continents.

Many thanks to all stations that contacted me, but a special thank to the 15 stations that contacted me on 5 bands: 9A5Y DL5JQ EU8U EW1TZ EW8DX LY2MM LZ1VKD P3X SM2M SN5J UT5UGR YL1YF YL4WRTC YL7X YO4NF

Well, the next post will be at the declared score publication by the committee. In the mean time the date of next ARI Dx Contest 2024, the first complete weekend of may, 5 and 6 may 2024.

I hope than the ARI Dx 2023 comments, be useful for the next one.

Tks for read. if you have some enquiry send me a message through the form at the end of the post.

Ciao and cuagn de Fiorino/i3fdz

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