Italian International Dx Contest 2021 last notice


Less than one month to the Italian International Dx Contest 2021. It will take place the first weekend of may, starting  at 12.00 UTC of saturday may 1st 2021, until 11.59 UTC of sunday may 2nd 2021. Here is the link, from the A.R.I.’s web site, to the full rules.

The Italian International Dx Contest 2021, is a world wide type, contest, everyone can contact everyone, but remember each italian stations worths ten points and each italian province (110 provinces for the whole peninsula) count for a multiplier on each band.

For the awards hunters, the Italian International Dx Contest 2021 is a chance to collect a lot of provinces to complete the WAIP (Worked all Italian Provinces). Almost all provinces will participate to the event. Here is the link, from the A.R.I.’s web site, for WAIP rules and the online form to require it electronically.

This year the multi operators categories are allowed. Last year we had a record of submitted logs, i hope to keep high the participation this year too.

So, save the date, first weekend of may, and join our contest, the italian radioamateurs are gladly waiting you.


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