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ARI International Dx Contest 2022 log upload

From IK1LBG the ARI HF Contest Manager has been issued the following new regarding the contest file upload:

Due to the problems in ARI website, the log deadline of ARI International DX Contest has been moved to Saturday 21 of May. The log can be sent to hfcontest.ari(at) Please spread the news!

Filippo, IZ1LBG
ARI HF Contest Manager


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IR3L special call for the ARI International DX Contest 2022

The special call IR3L was assigned to me, by the italian telecomunications authority, for the use during the Ari International Dx Contest 2022 the first weekend of may. IR3L was assigned to me also for the WAE Cw the second weekend of august and the CQ WW CW the last weekend of november. So instead of I3FDZ this year I’ll use IR3L. I’m going to partecipate in Single Operator Low Power category, therefore try to contact me even if my signal strength is low, any qso with you will be appreciated very much. On 10/15/20 metres bands i use a two elemets cubical quad about 15 metres high. On 40/80 metres i use inverted v dipoles with the apex 12 metres high.

This link to the whole contest rules.

Ciao, see you soon.


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ARRL Dx Cw contest 2022 raw scores

The Arrl Contest committee published the Arrl Dx Cw Contest 2022 raw scores. We can see a lot of italian stations joinig it. My entry is in the Single Operator Unlimited High Power category. I’m listed in the 30th position with about four hour of operations.

The classification of italian station for SOUHP will follows, instead the full ARRL Dx Cw contest 2022 raw scores are here.

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Russian and Belarusian stations excluded by WPX contest

I’ve just received an email from CQ Communications, Inc., publishers of CQ Amateur Radio magazine and sponsor of the CQ World Wide DX and WPX Contests to comunitate their decision about that.

Here is the original message with all details:

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ARI International DX Contest 2022

Less than three mounths to the ARI Interational DX Contest 2022. It will take place the first weekend of may. Starting at 12:00 UTC of saturday may 7 untill 11:59 UTC of sunday may 8. Twuentyfour hours of operation on five bands. No limits about multioperators cattegories. This is the link, in the ARI site, for the whole rules.

Italian stations will exchange the abreviation of their provincie. I remenber the ARI International DX Contest 2022, is aworld wide type, every one can contact every one, but the Italian stations count ten points for each qso and every province contacted counts a moltiplier in all bands

Italian operators are waiting you. Save the date and join our contest.

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2022, added English version

New year new functionality. Since january 2022 the English version has been added. Articles, now, are no longer write on double language but in the respective one. Thus the reading is more easier and the graphics and appearance improved too.

The symbol of English version is the american flag as the 65% of foreigners visitors of this site come from there, I’m glad to gratify them.


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CQ WWCW 2021

cq ww dx cw

Just eight hours of operations in the CQ WW CW  2021, but a challenging job, has been performed this year. The radio traffic results as: more than four hundred qso, 136 multipliers and 49 zone on six bands. My entry is in the “Single operator LP assisted” category. I hope have more time available next year. The next table, from the contest logger QARTest, shows summary and few statistics.

summary cq ww 21


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The DARC WAEDC management issued the the WAE CW 2021 RAW SCORES, and here by countries. From that site, in the next pictures, I extracted a partial list of Low Power category for EU, DX and Italy.


I listed tenth on european ranking and first on the italian one. Now we have to wait, trustful, for the committee check, to determine the right places. I hope to make few mistakes as this is my best performance in WAE CW contest.


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WAE CW 2021


WAE CW 2021 is just passed, very good propagation indeed specially on saturday a little bit less sunday. A lot of station from NA, SA, ASIA as usually. I suffered the low power cattegory on low bands 40 and 80 metres. Many atmospheric noises sunday evening and night.

A few news this year from DARC about the rules, the  chinese call areas become multipliers, and QSOs with 000 report counts only if moltipliers.

The propagation seem to going good, i hope the 25th solar cycle is raising fast.

This year i got my best all time results.

And now my declared score and statistics released by the contest loggin QARTest

First the rate graph.

rate graph

Summary and statistics.




Multipliers by continents

mult af
mult asia
mult na
mult oc
mult sa

Call areas multipliers

mult call area

I remenber you that the SSB section will take place in  September second full weekend, from Saturday, September 11th, 2021, 0000 UTC until Sunday, September 12th, 2021, 2359 UTC.

Instead the RTTY section will take place in November second full weekend, from Saturday, November 13th, 2021, 0000 UTC until Sunday, November 14, 2021, 2359 UTC.

I’m waiting hopeful the declared score and the final results.


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ARI International DX Contest 2021 results


The ARI HF Contest Manager Filippo Vairo, IZ1LBG published the 2021 results very quickly. This is the link for Dx stations.

Unfortunately this year I had a disappointment, I lost one position from the claimed scores to final results. From first place to second position. Never mind, I’ll try to improve my performance next year. Congratulations to Salvatore ik8und, IO8O operator for the victory.

Here is the top ten of the Single Operator CW Low Power:

so cw lp 2021


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